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Originally designed for the US Military, now you can have your very own JetPack!

Hello, my name is Jason Kerestes and I invented the JetPack, a device to help you run faster, jump higher, and increase your overall agility. The JetPack doesn't just help those that run, it's also an extreme sport device to get you going your top speed on a skateboard, snowboard, skis, bike or in any activity!

The JetPack has been featured on CNN, NBC, Discovery Channel, Fox News, Popular Science, NPR, and soon to be featured on the Today Show!  To see some articles search "JetPack Jason Kerestes"

See if for Running

See it on a Skateboard

Be one of the first to own this incredible device and WOW everyone who sees it.

The device weighs in at 11.5 lbs and produces 15lbs of thrust, allowing its user, YOU, to run faster, jump higher, and move at incredible speeds.

It uses high speed electric jets that offer instantaneous thrust which is easily controlled with a revolutionary glove controller.  All you do is make a fist and the JetPack comes to life!   The tighter you make your fist, the more thrust you get!  Other options for controlling the jetpack are available so if you need something different, let me know!

The JetPack is still in beta testing, but rest assured, your satisfaction is guaranteed!   Furthermore, the JetPack comes with a 90 day warranty.

This is your chance to get the JetPack before everyone else!

The first JetPacks are being made on an "as ordered" basis, so there is a 3 week Lead time.

Actual device may vary slightly from pictures - The design is imrpoving on a daily basis, rest assured, your device will be the newest version, better than ever!