Website upgraded!

Dear Robo Academy members,

we noticed that is an increasing traffic from members all over the world (we have visits from 53 countries), our web development team began thinking of ways to serve you better.  They believe that serving the webpage to our members within the shortest time possible would enable faster access to our valuable resources!

Methods used to optmize our webpage

1) we made use of to test out the web and work on the suggestions provided

2) removing 17 inactive plugins so that the overall code is greatly reduced

3) using WP Super Cache to compress and cache the entire website to significantly reduce loading time

4) verifying the loading time of the website at


Most pages are loading in < 2.00 seconds which is a significant improve compared to 7.00 seconds before optimization!

Robo Academy proudly supports the ‘Let’s Make The Web Faster‘ initiative by Google

To find out more about this initiative, visit

Happy surfing!

Robo Academy Web Development Team