Mythbusters: The Search


JetPacks, Robotic Exoskeletons, and Boeing Industrial Robotics are great and all.....   But when one has the chance to be a Mythbuster and work with the original show producers/crew....   well see the trailer below.  Stay turned on the Science Channel January 7th to see the show!


Tech Toys 360 - History Channel


Newest interview coming to the History Channel on Tech Toys 360!

Special thanks to Jacquline Tricarico for running in the jetpack and Nicholas Godfrey for letting us use his amazing shop (Fine and small homes) for the interview location!



The Today Show!


Check out the JetPack on the Today Show!





The Rock-Kid Jetpack....  Dont miss your chance to get the coolest toy for your kid... EVER




After a great shoot with the Today Show, we had a few hours free so what could we do?  Go over to Los Gatos California and hang out with the crew developing the worlds first real life Hoverboard!  Yes We tried riding it with the JetPack, and yes it was amazing! Thanks guys (and Gals) for an amazing day!


The Today Show - With Natalie Morales


 The Today Show host Natalie Morales got a boost of speed as she ran a 400 meter timed trial with the JetPack!  Wanna see how much time it saved her? Then tune in next week to the Today Show to see some amazing tech and a great segment featuring Jason Kerestes.


.JetPack Shoot with Natalie Morales

Rock-Kid JetPacks coming soon!


Get ready for a new exciting prototype! Introducing the Rock-kid Jetpack! I've had the awesome job of developing sweet military robotics for the past 4 years, and if there is one thing I’ve noticed, it's that no one gets more excited over jetpacks than kids! Don’t get me wrong, every person that has ever worn the real JetPack smiles from ear to ear when they thrust it up for the first time, Army Majors, Lieutenant Colonels, even football stars, have all had the awesome thrill of putting on the one off JetPack I built to get the average soldier running faster than ever thought possible. But it was the children that got to see it, take a picture in it, or even just dream about one day having their very own JetPack that inspired me the most. I recently demoed the JetPack at this past Super Bowl in Phoenix and every kid that came by was dying just to get a picture with it! But it’s more than that….. It’s a dream all in itself, a dream to inspire, a dream to motivate, a dream that shows children that anything is possible and if they work hard, their dreams can come true! It’s a dream that I hope will get children involved in math and science, but most of all, their imaginations! A chance to get your child, or you niece, nephew, brother, sister, ANYONE, back outside, loving life and dreaming bigger than ever! Take this chance with me, help me start my dream and make whomever you plan on giving the Rock-Kid JetPack to the happiest kid ever!

New Robotic Exoskeleton Coming Soon  REST - EXO


I am in the process of developing a new robotic exoskeleton!   REST - EXO  (Robotic Exoskeleton Support Technology) will be bringing robotic exoskeletons to the masses!   The REST - EXO will feature cutting edge technology to help people regain or utilize their mobility to the MAX!  People with knee, hip, or ankle pain will be able to walk and stand for hours on end with the exoskeleton helping to support their weight.  Healthy individuals will be able to hike for miles carrying heavy loads and taking their own weight off their feet!  The best part? The REST -EXO is being designed right now to be a low cost solution for people to increase their mobility!  With a goal of coming in below $3000, the REST - EXO will be affordable enough for everyone to use!   Keep an eye out for the new Kickstarter campaign starting soon! Follow me on twitter for regular updates! 

AirLegs V2 on CBS Morning news - National Coverage


Creating robots for the future!  Watch CBS top White House Correspondent Chip Reid try on AirLegs at the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.  I designed AirLegs as part of a DARPA research grant to help soldiers run faster.

Robotic, (of course) Angel Wings


Check out my newest robot! This one is just for fun but is attracting quite a bit of attention!

Robotic Angel Wings

AZCentral/12News Morning news with Katey Rusch


Thanks to AZCentral/12News for putting together an awesome piece featuring yours truly! Great job Katey! click on the picture to watch the video!

Featured on National Fox News Show "Fox and Friends"


We started today with a bang with a life interview on the hit Fox TV show Fox and Friends! The segment aired at 4:52 Mountain Time (7:52 Eastern) and Fox had some great questions!  We look forward to a Fox news segment that will air locally on Fox 10 that has a much more in-depth look at all of our devices coming out Sept. 29th at 9pm. Has Featured Jason.... AGAIN....AirLegs


Today, an even more unexpected surprise came in!  HackADAY wrote another article featuring Jason Kerestes. Only this time the article is about his other device AirLegs! Stop by or click on the picture below! Has Featured Jason's JetPack


Today, an unexpected surprise came in! wrote an awesome article about the JetPack! A running device to help soldiers and athletes run faster!   Swing over to or click the picture below!

Jason and his JetPack make the Discovery Channel!


Today Jason Kerestes and the ASU Human Machine Integration Lab have been featured on one of the best television networks of ALL TIME! That's right..... The Discovery Channel has featured an 8 minute long segment covering a high speed shoot out of one of his devices called Jet Pack.  Watch the Jet Pack put a substantial unfair advantage on the slower runner!  Check out or click on the picture below!

HMIL on the Discovery Channel!

Jet Pack Featured on ASU Website!


Today ASU Research Matters released the newest video covering a test of the ultra light, thrust producing, running augmentation device called the JET PACK.  Go to Matters or watch the clip below!

Featured on the Discovery Channel


That's Right! I recently finished filming a segment for the Discovery Channel. Check back soon for more details on the up coming episode. 


Develops New Jet Pack to Augment Human Capabilities


Researchers Thomas Sugar Phd. and Jason Kerestes have developed a "Jet Pack" to assist in human locomotion. The device is still in early testing, however it has already demonstrated dramatic improvements to test subjects abilities.

Demonstrates Metabolic Augmentation @ ARL


Data has just come in! The most recent tests at the Army Research Laboratory at Aberdeen Proving Grounds confirms that my newest device effectively reduces the metabolic cost for running at high speeds. The device, coined "Air Legs" because of its utilization of pneumatic cylinders at the back of the thigh, proved its capabilities during human subject testing at ARL, demonstrating over a 10% reduction in metabolic cost for high speed running when compared to NO DEVICE AT ALL.